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Maxi Broecking (* 1969 in Berlin) is a publicist and author for Die Zeit, Der Tagesspiegel, Taz, Kunstzeitung, Fono Forum, Jazz Thing, RBB and Byte FM as well as The:Artist on the topics of jazz, improvised music and contemporary art, with her own book publications on jazz and art. Her jazz column for Die Zeit was nominated for the Grimme Online Award. For Columbia University, New York, she was a speaker for the symposium "Jazz in the Global Imagination: Music, Journalism and Culture" and a speaker for the international conferences "Lost in Diversity - A Transatlantic Dialogue" and "Vision, Perception, Friction: How Jazz became Art and Attacked" at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Heidelberg. In 2013, Broecking presented her research on jazz, improvised music, and art to the Berlin Improvisation Research Group BIRG. Maxi Broecking is co-founder and owner of Broecking Publishing | Creative People Books. In 2021, she moderated the intersectionality panel "Power and Identity" at the National Theater Mannheim. Since 2021, she is curator of the Jazz + Art series of the Enjoy Jazz Festival and the Unesco Cities of Music association, as well as founder of the platform THE:ARTIST, a digital space for articles and interviews with artists, scholars and curators on the future of art and art perception in relation to intersectionality, diversity and decolonization. Maxi Broecking lives with her family in Berlin.